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  Basic Dream Host is Fast Host for New Web master just open Web site and have not more database and user to come to site but want the good host that have security fast with cheap price

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  Busines Dream Host is Good HOst with High bandwitch for the business man and the middle company who want to open e-commerce web site and have more database and customer in most level. then Dream Business is appropriate for you

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  Corporate Dream Host is host for the big corporation who want to control big database and can recieve a lot of user for each day

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  Apple Hosting for one year you can register Domain Name (.Com .Net .Org) only 400 bath/year from normal price 550 baht/year

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Exchange Rate $1 about 40 Baht

ThaiDreamHost.com is Dream host for everyone who want the good host fast and security for keep you database and host that cheap price best value we set the low price for you. We give important our after sales service then we can service you for 24 hours per day. Our Server is use P4-2.8 that is very fast for confirm your customer can surf to your web site very fast.Then don't use long decision to buy our host. We provide three package for suitable everyone. Basic Business Corporate


Basic Dream Hosting

  Promotion for Basic Dream Hostonly 50 web site pay for 50 baht/month you can open web site

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Business Dream Hosting

  Promotion for Business Dream Host only 150 baht/month you can do business on web site .

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